My Shawl Is Shaped Like a Deformed Bat

As with most knitting project, I finished this one at 1 am. But I’ve never discovered something wrong after finishing.

So help me out, late night knitters.

I just did the Damask pattern (find on Ravelry) which I love and is gorgeous. With beautiful yarn.

And the shape is…not the one in the picture. It’s my first bottom-up shawl so I have no idea what the math involved is, but instead of being a standard triangle, with the last stitches evening out to form a flat upper end, the upper portion ended up pointed, so it was a triangle, but with the last stitches making the point, rather than the point being the bottom of the edging. With blocking I can open up the lace just fine, but I can’t get it into anything like a flat-top shape. When I straighten out the top, the bottom curls up in a bag-type shape as the hem tightens. It’s like there aren’t enough stitches for it to open out–but I followed the pattern exactly. Nor does the bottom edging have the kind of wavyness that the picture does. (Edit to add, here’s a pic of the weird-ass shape I blocked it into, which is not pretty or right, but the best I could do.)

Does that make sense?

What’s more, given that B-U shawls decrease stitches as they go up from the bottom edge (which I gather is intended to actually be the border of the whole piece once it’s finished), I can’t see how you’d end up with any other shape but this one, yet no one else seems to have had trouble getting it into flat-straight-top-edge/curvy-bottom-pointy-triangle edge.

What did I do wrong? I love this pattern and this designer and want to do more bottom-up shawls, but not if they end up shaped like sort of trapezoids. This is still wearable, I think, but given the work involved I’m disappointed and don’t have any idea what I could have done wrong. At no point did I seem to be doing anything but what the pattern told me to.


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