My Oh My!

I’m all a-flutter! Quietly, and without your humble narrator knowing a thing about it, The Orphan’s Tales went up for pre-order on Amazon. And looks like they’re releasing it on Halloween. How perfect.

Go, now, and to be pre-ordering!

Seriously, if you only ever bought one of my books, this would be it. There is nothing else I have put so many years of my life and chunks of my brain into as this. If you have forgotten or are new–these are fairy tales. The old kind, the pre-Disney universe where things are bloody and dark and grotesque. These are a series of tales which make up one enormous story, something of a cross between Arabian Nights, Works and Days, and Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Plus, it has polar bears, a fat, drunken mermaid, a girl with three breasts, and, well, zombies. Can’t beat it with a stick. Oh and stylistically? Nothing like my other books. This one has an actual complicated, internecine plot, and is as accessible as I am ever likely to become.

Please tell anyone you can and float the link around–and come on out to Lunacon, where I’ll be reading bits of it in a Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups and Kids event, which will have hot cocoa and low lighting and the whole nine. Deep breath–it’s happening.

As for smaller brain-chunks, Strange Horizons has a lovely review of Oracles up here.

And just in case I was forgetting the useful quote greygirlbeast posted today, (One thing it takes to be a working author, one thing that is absolutely requisite, is the ability to accept at least one grievous and unwarranted insult each and every day from a perfect stranger. There are no exceptions), a somewhat nasty new review of The Labyrinth up on Amazon. It only took a year and a half to get a really negative review. Must mean I’m one of the gang, now.

What a world, says the witch.

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