More Different Lookit!

Photos of me at World Fantasy are cropping up in cyber-land…and they
impress upon me nothing so much as the need to lose some damn weight. Nevertheless,
in the interests of not contracting Internet Disease, I present to you CMV at the WFC:

Me being all professional author-like with the fruits of my fell labor before me

Me with userinfodeborahb (Deborah Biancotti to the non-LJ world)

Me making some kind of bizarre gesture. No idea.

And in answer to the question asked with alarming frequency this weekend: yes, at Wiscon I was a redhead. Now I’m not. It was a miracle of modern technology involving hemp rope, nano-squid, and a frozen elk.

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65 Responses to More Different Lookit!

  1. >Me making some kind of bizarre gesture. No idea.

    Lit Power!

  2. cynthia1960 says:

    The WFC badges look so much like the Wiscon badges; if it wasn’t for the hair color, I would have said you were at Wiscon. Next May in Madison?

  3. gaelfling says:


    Me making some kind of bizarre gesture. No idea.

    looks like you were writing in the air… could have been explaining the creative process? =)

  4. lunablack says:

    Ohhh, fuzzy jacket. I have a hoarde of fuzzy black jackets…it’s a weakness. :>

  5. Did those bastards spell your name wrong? I’ll break their kneecaps.

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