It’s a meme, yes, but the results were too funny, and often even poignant. I just had to. Ganked from :

Put your iPod or iTunes or whatever you use to listen to MP3s on random
or shuffle. Use the corresponding songs to answer the following
questions. Don’t reshuffle your songs just because you don’t like them,
or because you don’t want anyone to know you have Styx on your iPod.

1.) What do you think of me?
The Muse, Anna Ahkmatova (this is an operatic version of some of her poems that sent me because she loves me and knows what makes me weak in the knees.)

2.) Will I have a happy life?
Angel and Buffy Love Theme, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack (Oy.)

3.) What do my friends really think of me?
16 Military Wives, The Decemberists (*snurk*)

4.) Do people secretly lust after me?
Follow Me Down, S.J. Tucker (Funny? Yes, but this is such a gorgeous song, on an album sent me because he likes me fine and knows what I dig. And she’s playing at Lunacon! So excited!)

5.) How can I make myself happy?
Your Song, Moulin Rouge (My gift is my song and…this one’s for you.)

6.) What should I do with my life?
The Pachabel Loose Canon, The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (this is the classic piece, at least at first, and then they just totally rip it apart and deconstruct the whole thing until you hardly recognize it as that quiet little tune. *cough* No bearing on me, whatsoever. *cough*

7.) Why must life be so full of pain?
The Longest Winter, Julie Doiron (S.A.D., apparently)

8.) Will I ever have children?
Geek Love, Sofia Echegaray (*smirk*)

9.) Will I die happy?
Wandering, Ben Folds (and all this wandering/ got you nothing/ you were ready to but/ never could…are you happy, wandering?)

10.) Can you give me some advice?
November, Azure Ray (So I’m waiting for this test to end/ so these lighter days can soon begin)

11.)What do you think happiness is?
Over at the Frankenstein Place, Rocky Horror Picture Show (awesome.)

12.) What’s my favorite fetish?
Donkey Riding, Great Big Sea (No, officer, I don’t want to make a statement.)

13.) How will I be remembered?
If I Fall, Aqualung (Seems to me/ I’m exactly where I dreamt/ I would be/ and the view from here is/ something to see)

Or possibly for the donkey thing.

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