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So the Seahawks lost.

Allow me to call bullshit on both the first touchdown being yanked away and the totally garbage Steelers touchdown where the ball was clearly dragged from the green to the endzone long after it was dead. The refs fucking hated Seattle.

And so did the media. I would be interested to know if the west coast coverage was different, (in another example of total fucking bullshit, I could not find a Seahawks t-shirt to buy in Ohio, because apparently it is stated policy not to sell west coast team paraphenalia east of the Mississippi. Utter bollocks and enforced regionalism. I R angree) but in Cleveland, the pre-show was several hours of paeans to the Steelers, documentaries on the Steelers, interviews with the Steelers, and retrospectives of past Steeler Super Bowls. Then they mentioned that Shaun Alexander is a dick and full of himself. Then the game started. Surely there is some story in the underdog team who has never been to the big game finally making it? I literally would not have known who they were playing if I didn’t already care. The word “Seahawk” was barely mentioned. And what the fuck was up with playing Bittersweet Symphony as the Hawks ran out onto the field? What the hell kind of peppy theme song is that?

The characterization of Pittsburgh as the team of humble steel workers as opposed to–well, does it matter who they’re playing? The only real people in America are “humble” steel workers or coal miners or whoever else wants to get up on their high horse about how dirt under the nails makes them better than anyone else and therefore able to report those pesky anyone elses to Homeland Security for the arch-crime of working in an office. Nevermind the incredible industrial expanse of Seattle and the generations of dirt-under-the-nails workers at Boeing. They’re fucking communists.

The whole thing reminded me of Smarty Jones. The media coverage refused to even acknowledge another horse, even when the other horse won. Birdstone didn’t “win,” he stole the race from Smarty, the media-designated winner. Of course, this time the other horse didn’t win–so ABC must be relieved that they only bothered to cover the team that won, mustn’t they? Enough to make one cry conspiracy–the whole show played like everyone already knew Seattle would lose, and there was no possible alternate outcome. Bittersweet Symphony?! The attitude towards the Seahawks was just so snotty and condescending. And the thing is, I really don’t care. About football or the Super Bowl.

This is a polis thing. This is my city, engaging another city in a contest. And you are always loyal to your city, man. I was actually wrapped up in all this, just because it’s my home. So let me say: fuck the Steelers. This was our first Super Bowl, and we’ll be back. It really would have been shocking to win the first one. I got yer bittersweet symphony right here.

But on the bright side? I totally won the pub raffle and got a 20GB Mp3 player! So, fucking score! , , , and an LJ-less Dan plus myself went to the Fox and Hound, a bar which blantantly says “British Pub” on the outside, and yet it patently not one on the inside. There is a picture of a dog, but they serve wings and pizza and are, in fact, a sports bar. So I was deeply hurt by their betrayal to begin with, but apparently I can be bought with electronics. We had a great time yelling our heads off and verbally abusing the referees. Which, I say again, were clearly watching the ABC coverage and hated the Seahawks.

In short, Seattle lost, but I won, and isn’t that what America is really all about?

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