Magical Objects

So we are off to another Dresden Dolls concert tonight–other than S.J. Tucker, that’s the first act we’ve seen twice. I shall wear my new stompy corset-boots.

Also, when we arrived home from Readercon, the ARCs of The Orphan’s Tales had arrived. It exists. It is a book. I’m kind of stunned at that. I’ve been working on this book for four years, when you add it up, longer than I’ve worked on anything else excepting my degree, and now it’s sitting there all quiet and pretty and bound up in art, and all these people have been working to bring it into the world. It’s quite something. I dreamed last night that I was wandering through a forest trying to find my own books, which hung from tree branches like fruit. I wonder what that means?

Cat go work now. Cat phone conference, and then write.

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