And the Volkswagen man takes pity on a poor girl in the waiting room,
rushes her car through, and gets her out by 9:30. Yay for VW Man!

I came home to the following:

Christmas package from and !
Full of coffee, chocolate, pepper in a grinder (because I am addicted
to black pepper. Don’t ask.) and OMG they sent me an Edinburgh Uni
scarf! *does the dance of legitimacy* Are these not the best people
ever? And is it not slightly odd that Edinburgh has the same school
colors as my hometown football team? (Points for those who can name
that craptastic team.)

Confirmation from on just how I shall be earning my place on the masthead of Cabinet des Fees. Beginning with the next issue, which will incidentally be the first print issue, I will have a regular feature called Child’s Play, which will be a dual academic/fictional dalliance in which I will plate up a Child Ballad
for each issue: a brief analysis followed by a retelling, full of my
usual baroque pomo goodness. I haven’t yet decided which will be my
first ballad, so if you have a favorite (besides Tam Lin–gotta wait
for a Christmas issue or something to tackle that one) by all means,
pipe up! I can’t wait to do this–it will be a blast and a half.

My contributor’s copy of Mythic Delirium–a
marvelous little magazine of truly unique poetry and art. The
illustration for my poem, The Queen of Hearts, tickles me everytime I
look at it. There is also stellar work by and . If you can, definitely pick up a copy, or even a subscription–it’s a little jewel, and jewels rarely come so cheaply.

Author’s copies of the corrected Apocrypha,
so that I can finally send them to those people who ought to have a
copy. Once we have money for postage. Oy. The dedication and
acknowledgements, tragically misplaced in the flawed first run, are
replaced in full, and a few of you should find your names there.

So, on the whole, w00t! All that remains is the dogs’ medicine and I
can spend the rest of the day cooking and writing. Sam has duty tonight
so I am on my own. Can’t decide whether that’s good or bad. I’m just
all addled.

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