While I’m working…a pretty and long-awaited thing: The Grass-Cutting Sword final cover with art by arianadii.

May have ARCs at Readercon, but am not sure, release will probably be mid-July.

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324 Responses to Lookit!

  1. arliss says:

    OMGOMGOMG, SO freaking gorgeous!

  2. cmpriest says:


  3. elissa_carey says:

    Oooh. Lust for the pretty!

  4. Gorgeous!

    BTW, read Oracles, loved it.

  5. jimhines says:

    That’s a gorgeous cover!

  6. wisclassic says:

    I was going to say it looked gorgeous. but that’s covered. so perhaps i should say

    το βιβλιον καλον.

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