Quite the morning in Cat-town!

The Grass-Cutting Sword is now available for pre-order on Amazon! On top of retelling the entirety of the Shinto creation myth, this book has dragons and grumpily incarnated trickster-gods, incest, underworld journeys, swallowed-up maidens, magic swords, ghosts, jellyfish, primeval Japan, and abused leeches. And, as always, fun with postmodern linguistic jumping-jacks. However, I do think this is probably my most accessible novel yet, and you should not let any sort of prose-fear get in the way of enjoying the fact that I actually wrote a book with a dragon and a sword in it. I’ll have a Goblin Market essay on the writing of said dragonswordy book shortly. Oh, and in case there was confusion, this one comes out in June, The Orphan’s Tales is a late fall release.

So go forth–pre-order! It is also, coincidentally, the cheapest price at which you can currently get CMV prose. And if you would, kindly, spread the word around the ether like so much peanut butter.

(Unfortunately it does not, at the moment, have a cover. There have been some whimsical musical cover changes going on and we are, as they used to say before the Church ixnayed it, in limbo. If any talented artists out there want to jump in with both feet, now would be the time.)

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