Wow, someone actually reviewed Yume no Hon on Amazon!

For some reason no one posted reviews of my second novel until now, though they were fairly quick to post them on The Labyrinth‘s page. Even the poetry books
managed to get a couple, though it’s been really, really tough getting
any kind of reviews for them, or publicity, on account of they’re
being, well, poetry.

Poor baby novel. All lonely in the big one-click jungle.

But! Someone reviewed it and said amazingly nice things!

Yume No Hon belongs with Walker’s The Secret Service, McCarthy’s Blood
Meridian, Koja’s Strange Angels, and a handful of other novels on the
short shelf of sacred literature– the first stuff you save when your
apartment catches fire. It is a small jewel, to be read, pondered,
re-read, and (for novelists) aspired to. Find a copy. Read it.

*does Numphar’s dance of joy*

I humbly submit to the rest of you that if you have read and
enjoyed–though that’s not necessary, I’ve yet to go on an axe-rampage
over a bad review–any of the new and somewhat struggling three books,
you might be moved to slap up a paragraph or two about them. It makes
baby jesus giggle and stop smiting things with his rattle.

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