Look, Ma!

So I wake up this morning and my weird little book is in a glossy mainstream magazine with James Bond on the cover.

I had already been alerted that I was in Entertainment Weekly this week by you lovely LJ kids, but I finally found a copy. It’s a good review, too!

An outcast girl regales a princeling with strange stories featuring shape-shifting sorceresses, a bawdy, hard-drinking mermaid-like creature named Grog, and, yes, vegetarian dog-headed monks sent to kill a female antipope. For fans of Women who Run with the Wolves, The Arabian Nights, The Brothers Grimm, Freud, etc. Valente’s lyrical, witchy, sometimes garish fantasy mixes feminist grit with pixie dust.

Yes, fans of Freud, come one, come all. *quirks eyebrow* But I’ll take it.

Had my first meeting of the Cleveland SF group last night–how refreshing, a critique group that actually critiques! Despite a few “can you stop using rich and complex language” comments, (um, no), I think they’ve improved the story I brought and will be good for me.

Also–new mood theme, which makes me very happy. Other than that, I am tired. Cleaning house, trying to make house a home, trying to work.

I have other, not so nice news, but I’m not feeling up to posting about it today. If you read my private journal, you already know. If not, I’ll get to it when I have a bit more spleen going.

How are you?

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