Look Ma, Still No Content!

So, yeah, pirates.

I will be at Saloncon dressed as a fox-headed pirate in laced boots on September 29th. Good enough? I can’t be asked to arr or anything. I’ve been doing Writer Admin Crap all morning, and it is what it is. Pirates of Paperwork.

I’m also back in Virginia, just barely holding off the allergy storm, but holding. Things are things. I’m sort of tired and flatlining. I have two poems and two novels to finish. It’s not very exciting.

I have the Eeyores.

In some bright news, Mythic #2 is available for pre-order here. My story, Temnaya and the House of Books, is in there–01d Sk00l R33d3rz of this here blog may recognize it, as it has its root in a weird little LJ entry I flocked and posted back in the day, when I was in the habit of posting fiction. It has a wicked stepmother, what a shock. Somewhere, grailquestion has a beautiful illustration she did of the tale, and you should all go harrass her until she posts it.

In yet more Admin…anyone going to Capclave want to share a room? I swear I’ll be more cheerful then.

Anyone seen my tail?

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