Locus, Nebulas, Deathless Paperback, and Boskone

So! A couple of things and then one more.

One, the Locus Poll is up. I, er, showed rather well. I have something in all the fiction categories, and sometimes more than one thing which is BANANAS because I’m usually over the moon to get one mention. It’s probably to do with having published a thousand things last year but I’m super thrilled. Silently and Very Fast is on there, Deathless, The Bread We Eat in Dreams, White Lines on a Green Field, The Folded World, and Fairyland. Welcome to Bordertown is up for best anthology, too! You can also write-in titles you think should have made it.

The Poll is connected to the Award–so you can go over there and vote for your favorites, no fee, just click. There’s a lot of amazing stuff, not just mine, and the more people vote the more vitality the Award has and Locus is kind of the Variety for our field. So vote! Clicking is fun.

I’m going to point this out only because I’ve been waving my hands saying don’t waste your votes on Fairyland for other awards–I don’t want to put my foot in the current debate about whether it’s ok to even make a post saying you’re eligible for an award. (I think it’s fine, obviously.) But Fairyland IS eligible for the Locus Award, despite its online publication. So this is probably your only chance to vote for Fairyland for anything in 2012, if you were itching to, as I don’t think it’s eligible for anything else.

Thing Two!

The Nebula nominations close tomorrow. So if you are a SFWA member and you haven’t voted, it is time to vote! All of the things I mentioned up there EXCEPT Fairyland are eligible, but the point is voting full stop, no matter who you vote for–be active, use those fees you paid to have a say in the slant of the genre.

I have thus discharged by vote-announcing duty.

Finally, the Deathless paperback is out today! So you can give your loved one a dark as night D/s Soviet fairy tale for Valentine’s Day for not very much money. I mean, it IS a love story. Romantic Times said so.(I am the WORST for Valentine’s Day this year. I’ve been sick so long that I haven’t planned anything. Ugh.)

This is the first time I’ve gone to paperback from hardback–I am happy. (Fairyland paperback, along with all the online fiction, bestiary, and The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland, is out May 8.)

Back to hacking my guts out, reading student stories, and blogging over at the Stross house. Hopefully I’ll see some of you guys in Boskone over the weekend! If any of you want to volunteer for SFWA and help me set up the business meeting, it’s at 12 on Saturday. Ping me in any of the various ways to sign up.

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