Con Report is up at Goblin Market.

Well, that took most of my working day. I think I may do a 10 Things I Learned at Lunacon list for LJ. I did learn a lot–I’m still pretty green and trying to figure all this out. The minute you start publishing you not only have somehting to put on your CV, you automatically become a small business owner, with yourself as the product, and it can be a bumpy learning curve. I’m tryin’.

And I wake up this morning to this. Numphar! Do the dance of legitimacy!

So it’s evening out to be a solid B- day. Now I have to decide whether to hammer out this Prester John thing that brewing around inside me or get back to editing.

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  1. Oooh. I feel all cool now, since I know someone who has their own wikipedia article. 😛

    Seriously, though.. Congrats. :> *hugs*

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