Life, She Goes On

Three things:

One, The Descent of Inanna hardbacks have gone on sale in celebration of Beltane/May Day/that day when you symbolically or actually screw in the fields. It’s now $30 (same price as my other, non-handbound hardbacks) for the unsigned hardback, which is covered in copper silk and printed on linen paper, as befits its subject. Hurry and get one, as there are a limited number of copies left. It’s a gorgeous book, and would be even if there weren’t any goddess death-matches or golem or lesbian subtext in it. And if anyone should have the inkling to review it on their blog, please do so. I’m a big girl, I can take it.

Also, s00j just sent me an mp3 of the music she’s working on for the Orphan’s Tales book trailer and OMG. It’s all drummy and swoony and Arabian-guitary, and she’s singing in Persian, and it maketh the tingles run up and down the spine. I can’t wait to see the trailer and hear the whole thing. That woman just boggles me. *does a little dance*

And the mystery is solved–thank you for the minotaur of plushie doom, sibylla!

New OT copyediting work arrived today, which I would love to get done by my birthday, though that is probably an optimistic outlook. I want to get back to composition as soon as possible, since I do have two other novels and several stories and poems due this year. On the bright side, though, I feel rather writerly with my corrective pencil. Maybe I should write longhand more. Except for where I get writer’s cramp and my brain moves way too fast for my hand. Scratch that, then.

Back to work. Must locate coffee.

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