I’m home and safe and showered and somewhat human again. My luggage, of course, was lost, but is now returned to me.

I am now sitting at my new desk, in my new writer’s nest, which was made for me in front of a large window, out of an old sewing machine table. I love the idea that right underneath my computer is an antique iron sewing machine–I’m sewing books, stitch by stitch. Sometimes I work the pedal with my foot when I’m thinking. It’s very cozy and Austenbronte-esque and work on the new book has begun in earnest. I am sadly, however, missing my icons–little statuary I like to have about me on my desk, and which somehow did not make the trek from Virginia. Woe for Ganesh, woe for Kwan-Yin, woe for the Tardis yet to come. Sigh.

Anyhow, I’m not doing Nanowrimo, but I might as well be. I won’t give any of you the vapors by telling you how much I owe by when, but it is a lot. Yet, I can do it, I have done more in less time. And I have one hell of a story to tell.

The Podcast Collage is coming along. I have chosen voices and assigned everyone parts. The lines will be going out today–it came out to about 15 speaking parts. I decided that I will slip in a bit of the next book as a bit of a preview, The Orphan’s Tales Vol II: In the Cities of Coin and Spice. As for Vol. I, I haven’t seen too many reviews yet, but it seems to be doing more or less well. Hard to gauge these things. There are only two copies left on Amazon–snap one up!

Also, my Bookslut interview is up–hooray! I’ve never been on Bookslut before, and this is quite an extensive interview. Plus, I like the phrase “spontaneous mountain” as a descriptor of my current career. Mary Turzillo told me at the release party that it’s like I just sprang into being a year ago, moved here from another planet. I’m sort of ok with that–I have always been attached to resurrection stories, even if that other planet is colloquially called Japan. Anyway, read about me and the book and Japan and all the rest here.

WFC was wonderful–I met

and due to airline disaster am almost finished with his book–besides being a dairyland geek-hunk, he is fun and hilarious, just like his novel. I also ran into someone I went to college in Edinburgh with, which was a bizarre meeting of worlds. Sadly, however, no copies of The Orphan’s Tales ever materialized in the dealer’s room, so I had to be content with answering questions about its absence every 15 minutes for the entire con. I was a sad panda. I dearly hope all those people will go home and buy a copy on Amazon or at a mortar store anyway. Please do, guys. It was, however, in some of the gift bags, so hopefully some of you got it. I was a little up and down throughout the con, and did not partake of the alcohol that ran so plentifully, as I was too exhausted to live half the time. I hope I managed to not be anti-social. Got to hang out with Jeff Vandermeer and

and Maurice Broaddus and many others who are becoming old friends. I wish I could say more, but it’s all a bit of a blur–the last appearance for at least a week (jesus, I’m going to kill myself) and I was barely compos mentis.

I also met

, after only four years of correspondence, and can safely say she is the kindest and loveliest person ever to grace Tejas, and possibly planet earth. Her kid isn’t half bad either.

So, the next week is hard work at the loom. Writing date with

on Friday, then back to NYC on wednesday for a KGB reading with Lucius Shepard. If you’re not sick of hearing me read and live in New York, do come on down, it promises to be great fun. I promise to have on my charming face.

In the meantime, I sound pretty clever at Bookslut.

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