It Works, By Gum

So I won the big prize–this 20GB mp3 player–at a pub raffle on Superbowl Sunday, which was
the only thing that made me feel remotely better about the outcome of
the game.

It took me forever to get it to work at all–I even had to call up
Microsoft to step in and help out–and now that it does work, I notice
that it occasionally does really stupid things that any other player
would not even consider incorporating as part of their basic design. It
doesn’t have a couple things that are by now standard, and it’s a
little retro in its look and non-intuitive in its function, on top of
which, some of the flashier new additions aren’t as exciting as they
seemed to be at first. It is incompatible with its own brandname software. Other people have said that it will crap out on
me eventually, probably just when I want it to work the most.

All that said, it’s a good little guy, and performs solidly, if
unspectacularly, though its competitors, in all honestly, probably have
a stronger product. But you gotta work with what you have, you know?

I’m christening it The Seahawk.

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