Is This Thing On?

I should also say hello to all the new readers–there have been quite a number of you lately and I don’t know very many of them personally. After the temporary journal-deletion last year, it took almost a full year to get back up to the audience I used to have, and yet in the last few weeks it’s gone up sharply, and I’m just a shade under 800 friends-of these days, which is amazing. To me, anyway. I know plenty of LJers stomp me like big stompy things.

So, hi, everyone. Please take this opportunity to introduce yourself if you’ve added me the last couple of weeks–who you are, why you’re here, etc.

It’s a very busy and stressful time in my life, but I’ll do my best to be entertaining. You all mean the world to me out there, you know.

Oh, and in case you didn’t add me because you read my books, I write books. A lot of them. Poetry, too.

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