In Which Our Heroine Reveals Her Geek Side. Again.

I have a lot of work to do today–I’m on the home stretch of the Book of the Sea rewrite, and I’m feeling good about it.

But for some reason, the only music I seem to be able to handle today are the instrumentals of Nobuo Uematsu’s Final Fantasy music. Like when you can really only eat oatmeal and the rest of the cupboard makes you want to throw up.

Don’t ask me why, and I’m aware this means I have to turn in my snob card. Hopefully, this being teh intarweb, I can confess my having spent far too many hours of my life playing Final Fantasy games of various console iterations. (Consoles forever! Fuck the PC!)

Ahem. Anyway.

It must be a Pavlovian thing: Final Fantasy means long, lazy, sunny afternoons with no responsibilities, a jug of fresh orange juice and a plate of saltines (shut up), and endorphin-inducing battles which were easily won with enough skill at mashing a button–these days my button-mashing just leads to more chapters, and there is no super-awesome victory FMV waiting for me. Though there really, really should be. I SO wish that when I finished a book, little 16 bit Russians popped up on my screen to tell me how awesome I am just like in Tetris. Or Tifa bounced in my general direction or something. And then I get to kiss the princess. The point is, I put on the FFVIII soundtrack and my brain just goes “Ahhhhhhhh.”

Problem is, I only have the FFVIII soundtrack. So, this being teh intarweb, I ask you: does anyone have the FFVII soundtrack? Piano instrumentals. If you upload it for me, I’ll  be your best friend forever. Name your favor. Love also given for FFI and FFII.

Pretty please? My brain needs the cool bath of nostalgia to function.

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