I Will Sing You Pirate Songs and Tell You Pirate Stories…

s00j was here.

We were all exhausted, but stayed up talking, planning, doing the shy dance of “I like you and you’re wonderful and I like your work so much” back and forth, and no, I totally didn’t have Tangles blaring on my stereo when we got into the car to go to lunch this afternoon, no how, that would make me uncool and a total fangirl. We made them big food last night and I waited up till 3 am for them to arrive, and my dogs were predictably obnoxious but it was so lovely to see her again, and she played us the Wendy Saga at Mom’s Diner and told me she liked The Orphan’s Tales and I am in general warm and fuzzy about her having been here. She’s such a light, and she sort of diffuses it wherever she goes.

The guys cloistered in the computer room trying to figure out easy ways to format and print chapbooks, because they use their mecha-powers for awesomely supportive wonderfulness. It’s so touching, the support network that can spring up behind some kinds of artists–just loving people who want to help, and devoted techgeek support behind folky girlartistry is kind of adorably amazing all around.

We hatched plans for a house concert here in Cleveland in June, and for the OT trailer.

We invited her to the Prom 2006, to which, by the way, anyone who can get to the Cleveland area is invited, and is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever thought to do for me, but alas, one cannot have a s00j all the time.

I am now exhausted and achy from sleeping on the couch, but it’s happyache. Having tea and watching Nightmare on Elm Street, mostly because of yendi‘s series on the movies. Grailquestion is making Inanna iconage, and we’re all kind of laid out and flattened after a long night. I’m heading home to Virginia tomorrow to see my brother, who I haven’t seen in four years and change. I love and miss him and hope I have some sister skills left.

More Inanna reviews today, too, speaking of that book. Emerald City was very nice to it, and The Bodhisattva offered an embarrassment of praise. Seriously blush-inducing.

Trying to summon the energy to work on a new short story that woke up screaming to be written a few nights back, and now refuses to either come easily or leave me alone because I have no time for this crap when there are fairy tales to edit. But energy is…in the cupboard…on the top shelf…and that’s far.

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