I made a Coyote Football Story!

It is apparently the three week period in which all the stories I wrote over the winter come out!

But I am so excited about this one!

Some of you may remember back in the snowy tiemz of earlier this year, when I was babbling about having written a football story. (I am secretly obsessed with sports movies, you know.) A real one! With a championship and everything!

Well, my high school football/Coyotetrickstermageddon story, White Lines on a Green Field is out on Subterranean Online, and you can read it right this very moment! I hope you like it–comments open here as ST doesn’t have them.

As it says in the byline, this story is specially dedicated to  , a stray comment of whose inspired it. Also she is always telling me to put out a cookie for Coyote. Consider this my cookie.

Let me tell you about the year Coyote took the Devils to the State Championship.

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