I Aintn’t Dead Yet

I swear, I am not dead. Or even maimed, mute, or mangled in any fashion.

Instead, I have been on tour for the last two months, which is a little liked being mangled by the sweetest, cuddliest, cheerfulest book bear ever. I’m not done yet–I’ll be Guest of Honor at Mythcon in Alberquerque next weekend–but I’m nearly there. While I’ve been gone, we’ve moved into a new house, summer has stickily and greenly arrived, I’ve gotten behind on just about everything imaginable, and I’ve spent more time in airplane cabins than humans are actually probably meant to.

And I’ve completely let the blog slide. When I’m working so hard for so long, I tend to default to a kind of baseline cavegirl state: eat, move, perform, eat, sleep, eat, move, perform, eat, lather, rinse, repeat. And I keep going until someone stops me or I collapse. Which means a lot of things which are not in that list of basic mushroomless starless actions slide. There were so many amazing moments on the tour, for the book, for me personally, for all my amazing friends all over the country and the world–but they were paid for by a very exhausted and ragged Cat who is only now beginning to recover.

But! I am back, and the summer is beginning (for me at least! I’m like three weeks behind the rest of the world) and I will be blogging again, god willing and the creek don’t rise. (It took forever even to get net access in the new house. I find myself in the odd state of googling for net help, a stackable washer and dryer, and Plymouth Rock laying hens, one after the other. MAINE LIFE YO.)  I miss you all and I miss being alive on the internet and seriously, y’all, some STUPID things have gone down since I blinked out online (looking at you, The Guardian).

I feel vaguely bad that I’ve kept up reasonably well with Twitter, but not with LJ. I suppose that’s what Twitter is, something that requires less mental energy and lifting, but still, it feels like I’ve been seeing a girl on the side, and yeah, maybe she’s not as nice or pretty or smart as my main squeeze, but she’s easy and doesn’t demand much? And that is a sleazy feeling, friends. So fiddlesticks to it, no matter how long it’s taken me to write this post while being all: everyone will have abandoned LJ and/or forgotten me, I shall begin shining up my dusty digs here.

If there’s anything I missed while I was gone, tell me–I seriously have no idea what’s been shaking, personally or otherwise, with anyone anywhere.

Hello world! I missed you!

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