Hugo Reminder

It is my duty as a Worldcon member to remind you that Hugo nominating tiemz closes in just a few days.

It is my duty as a writer to tell you which works of mine are eligible. If you liked them, please consider nominating one!


The Habitation of the Blessed
  (Night Shade Books)

Short Fiction

*3 Ways of Looking at Space/Time (Clarkesworld)

How to Become a Mars Overlord

The Days of Flaming Motorcycles
(Dark Faith)

Secretario (Weird Tales)

15 Panels Depicting the Sadness of the Baku and the Jotai (Haunted Legends, edited by Datlow and Mamatas)

Other Works

Chicks Dig Time Lords, which contains my essay Regeneration X, is eligible for Best Related Work.

I am also eligible for Best Editor, Short Form, for my work at Apex Magazine, which is in turn eligible for Best Semiprozine. I suppose I am also eligible for Best Fan Writer, though I really think those ought to go to fans instead of pros.

The important thing, though? Is to vote. This is the biggest award in our field. If you want to see the diversity you believe is important and the works you love honored, you have to vote for them. Not that many of the big awards allow readers to vote directly–this one does, though of course you have to be a Worldcon member.

See you all in Reno!

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