Here We Go Again

So s00j was here with her boy and a charming new girl and it was amazing. Her voice just fills up my head and I’ve been walking around with her echoing in me all week. The new album is going to be her best yet, y’all–it’s truly gorgeous, and so is she. And she wrote a song in our living room like it was nothing but a thang, and I don’t even know how to react to that kind of talent.

Not only that, but we have many nefarious schemes up our sleeves regarding the Orphan’s Tales, wherein it turns out that the double launch party is just the beginning. I don’t know if I should spill yet, so I’ll keep my mouth pinned for the moment, but you guys are going to freak when we announce it. And word is already getting out–the Endicott Studio blog wrote us up the other day.

A year ago I despaired of ever seeing an SJ Tucker show live, and now she’s family. Kindred is a funny thing, sometimes. There was bliss around here last weekend, let me tell you.

Today, after I get myself together, I am off to pick up erzebet for Readercon. And very likely flaking on my column again because I can’t think of anything to write about–anyone have any ideas? Anyway, I believe we are midnight-driving in order to arrive in Boston around 10 am, so that there is plenty of time before my first panel. At WFC I ran in 20 minutes before my reading, and that sucked righteously, so none of that. If anyone wants to get together, my schedule is filling up, so say so now.

Also, I’m aware that my reading is opposite China Mieville’s tomorrow night. That…sucks. I can only hope that some few folk decide to see China at other times during the con and come on by–perhaps I shall have candy for those who choose the path far, far less traveled. Party for the precious few! However, if you can’t pass him up, I have two poetry readings, and at one I’ll be reading the poem that Strange Horizons said lovely things about today. Hope my reading (and Cherokee pronunciation) doesn’t suck, that’s a lot of superlatives to live up to.

Also in line of suckage, both of my two copies of Moonwise are in Virginia, where they cannot be signed by their mother, present at Readercon. Does anyone want a copy so that I could justify buying another one on my suddenly-strict budget? I have the old paperback and the new Prime edition. I’d rather give away the new one as that’s likely to be what I pick up at the con. I am a sad panda who cannot hang in the dealer room too much, for her husband went and bought Expensive Things in Far Off Lands, and did not tell her about it until after the damage was done. Alas. Apparently I now own a persian rug.

Anyway. I’ll try to blog from the con. I anticipate a busy weekend–hey, writeratwork, you going to make an appearance? I’d hate to miss you, but I confess that the sweater I borrowed last year is actually still in Virginia. I have your books, though–but a good one, as I’m dying to see and talk to most of the people there. sovay–I want lunch or dinner or something!

So..see you on the flipside, where the flipside is Monday. Sometimes, though I am not sibylla, I find my brain making her unbearably cute magpie noises when I have too much to do but all of it pleasant.

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