Help Me, LJ, You’re My Only Hope

(Con stuff still coming–the week after a con is always shot to hell with me)

Prom is tomorrow, I’m going dress shopping today, and we are DJing by computer.

So. If anyone has any good 80s-90s music, i.e, the kind of thing that played at your prom if you graduated anytime in the mid-late nineties, please to do us a favor and upload it to yousendit so I am not arrested by the RIAA for downloading some old piece of Gin Blossoms crap. Cheese is good–anything that would make us 90s kidz giggle, or anything to which we would be guaranteed to know the words. Time Life collections in the house, baybee. And yes, I need that shitty Bryan Adams Robin Hood song.

(Also, if anyone knows the name of an obscure little folk/rock song with female vocals whose chorus goes: “Won’t you pick me up/I’m light as a feather/and though I am not afraid/I am not brave enough to offer” will be my new best friend because it’s driving me nuts.)

Pics will follow, I’m very sure. Grailquestion is going in drag, so there will definitely be pictures of that. And scathedobsidian is coming tonight, and he’s bringing jaded_dreamer and sylvarthorne! Hurrah!

Anyone who wants to crash is still welcome–7pm Saturday, contact us for the address. Mad Tea Party theme.

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