Hello Wisconsin Redux

Leaving this afternoon for the World Fantasy Convention! (Though it
seems silly to hold it at the same exact place as Wiscon, but who am I
to question?)

For all the l33t kidz who are going, my brief guaranteed appearances are:


Friday, Nov. 4th at 1:30-2:00 pm in Conference II. Will read from Yume no Hon: The Book of Dreams and Apocrypha.

Autograph Reception:
Friday, 8-10:30, Capitol & University. While I harbor no delusions
that there will be much demand for my admittedly lovely signature, I’ll
be there, with a pen in my purse.

I have several meal-meetings over the weekend, but still a bit of free
time, since I’m not on any panels (at this point). So, if you want to
meet up, my cell is 757-409-2762. Give me a ring, or a text, and we’ll
go down to the African restaurant and get us some goat.

No seriously, I recommend the goat. It’s delicious, besides being an entire goat.

Will try to blog from the event–have a great weekend and see you there!

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