Happy New Year! Traditional Nebula and Hugo Nomination Post

It’s that time again, when the holly comes down and the carols stop playing and the freezing ground crunches underfoot and the award eligibility lists start popping up online.

The Nebula and Hugo nomination periods are open–you can nominate for the Nebs (if you are a SFWA member) until February 15th, and for the Hugos until March 11th–however, if you have not yet bought your Worldcon membership, supporting or full, you only have til January 31 to do so and earn yourself some sweet nominating rights. These are the relevant dates!

So, it’s been a pretty crazy year for me, and marks the first one in which I have something eligible in every fiction category. Good grief. But if you can nominate, please do consider these things and the many other worthies that were published in 2011. Without further ado.

If the work is available online for free, I’ve linked to it. All others can be got through the usual channels.


Deathless (First three chapters online at Tor.com, also available in the Nebula forums.)
The Folded World

Note: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is NOT eligible for the Nebula as it was published online in 2010, and fairly obviously not eligible for the Norton as it already won it. I’m reasonably sure it is not eligible for the Hugo for the same reason, but if someone knows otherwise, I’m happy to be corrected.


Silently and Very Fast (Real SF, Ma! Or mostly real. Available in total on Clarkesworld for free along with audio, and I think there are a few hard copies left. Also available on the Nebula forums.)


White Lines on a Green Field (Coyote-trickster football story)
The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland–For a Little While (prequel to Fairyland)

Short Story:

The Bread We Eat in Dreams (Demonic Colonial Maine story from Apex)
A Voice Like a Hole (from Welcome to Bordertown, teen runaway mythpunk)
In the Future When All’s Well (from Teeth, nihilistic California girl teen vampire)
The Wolves of Brooklyn (Giant wolves devour Brooklyn)

Editor, Short Form:

I am eligible for my work with Apex in 2011, even though I am no longer the editor of the magazine. My time with Apex represents my only work as an editor to date, so I don’t expect to have a dog in this category again. Apex as a whole is also eligible for Best SemiPro Zine.

Best Fancast:

The SF Squeecast, in which I babble about all things awesome with Paul Cornell, Seanan McGuire, Elizabeth Bear, and Lynne Thomas.

I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything. So there it is, my 2011, for your consideration. If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them, and at the very least, you can read some cool things through this post.

A final note: you do not have to go to Worldcon to nominate and vote for the Hugos. You can buy a supporting membership for $50 and get that perk. I realize $50 is a lot to express an opinion, but every year we hear complaints about the ballot and every year I hope that my generation will vote a little more, because the Hugos are kind of a bellwether for the field, and I want new crackly risktaking goodness in there, too. Since I have no control over the price of the supporting membership all I can say is–give it a thought, if you have the scratch.

Thank you to everyone who bought a book or read a story by me this year. It’s been a doozy, and I wish I could hug each and every one of you.

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