I’ve been laid low by food poisoning for two days. No guesses as to what did it, but the slightly dodgy salsa seems a likely culprit.

Also, am once more stuck waiting in the VW dealership while the CD player is replaced. “A long wait,” I’m told. I hope it’s a long wait like last time, which would mean promising 8 hours and delivering an hour and a half. That was awesome, VW guy. Do it again.

Because I have a lot of shit to do today. Sam is departing for Parts Hostile tomorrow morning, and we still have to pack and finish tidying the house, as I’m also leaving for Cleveland. (Hence CD player. I cannot handle another 8 hours drive with nothing but Amish Country’s Greatest Radio Hit Parades for company.) Not to mention trying to have a nice last dinner when we have no money whatsoever. Fun.

So he’ll be in Europe tomorrow, and I’ll be in Ohio. Long deployment, the longest one we’ve done yet. And most dangerous. Again, with the fun. In general, I just feel wretched, and will be dragging myself north slump by slouch, just thankful I don’t have to do this one alone.

Life sucks. I hate everything.

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