Greeks and Monkeys

So I wake up this morning covered in a pile of dogs–yes, two dogs can make a pile when they are an overly-emotionally-needy golden retriever and an equally needy but too cool to cuddle until her mom’s asleep german shepherd (at which point she attempts to physically merge with me into some wolf-woman hybrid) and throat a-rattling out the last of this stupid cold.

I am still without identification, which makes me nervous, but holding off returning to Virginia until I have to for my brother’s graduation. I also have no access to my bank account, so that’s fun. The only money I have is in my Paypal account, and of course, one can’t get that out without using a bank account. It’ll be a fun week of waiting for the new card. I do have a temporary driver’s license. Oy.

So I wake up to find that a Turkish publisher has bought the rights to translate and publish The Labyrinth, which is of the good, and nets me a small but charming paycheck from the land of Greek oppression. My first non-UK international sale and my first translation. CMV, now in TWO languages!

I really, truly, deeply pity the translator, though. Buck up, brotha or sistah. There’s always beer at the end of the day.

Also, I got my birthday present from Sam, which is a big bronze Greek helmet–he had promised to buy this for me for graduation but it didn’t materialize, which is too bad, because I was totally going to wear it to my Thucydides final. But better late than never, and it is pretty completely bad-ass. Good for scaring Cretan children.

Working on the next poem in the Descent cycle today, (this one with 80% more flying monkeys) , and am horribly torn between using disparate versions of Sita’s birth…juicy incest themes or chthonic virgin/non-human-birth? Decisions, decisions. Fortunately there are so many versions of this story that I don’t feel too bad about being a rather pale person messing with myth. Everyone else did it before me. See Monkey icon, which is from the greatest MST3K ever. Also, avatar of Hanuman? You be the judge.

Back to the page mines. I swear I’ll have a non-literary life someday, but right now it’s pretty much: “I read books, I wrote books, I read books, I wrote books. Then I had tea and the dogs said woof-woof.” Oh, the romantic authorial life.

Ummm….quick! Everyone name their favorite monster in Prester John’s kingdom! Points for anyone who knows what that is!

(That’s not entirely random. The other part of the morning was railing against the intarweb for not always already containing everything I need. Almost the entire day has been taken up with research for one thing or another.)

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