GIANT Book Giveaway

I realized with mild panic last night that Deathless is out in two weeks.

Cue: holy cats that’s too soon (it’s only been two years) I’m not ready no one will love my baby hide hide hide.

Deep breath.

So! In honor of TWO THINGS.

One, my shrieking panic, and two, that Whedonistas is launching today, a book of essays about the Whedonverse in which I wrote about Angel and 20something angst at length, I am having a giveaway!

I am giving away a Deathless ARC, a Fairyland ARC, and a copy of Whedonistas. OMG THE HUGE MANATEE.

All you have to do to enter is post a picture in the comment of an animal with one of my books. Holding it, cuddling it, growling at it, whatever. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal–cat, dog, ferret, mongoose, parrot, snake, crow. It doesn’t matter which book. Magazines are also acceptable.

If you’re super stuck I will accept a picture of you (1 animal) with a laptop hooked up to the internet (whereupon I have published books).

Extra points for awesome captions, but not at all required. Drawing will be by the Internet Random Integer Hat, so the extra points are merely psychic awesome.

You can request which prize you’d like, otherwise it will be random. You have till Friday at noon to post!


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