Friday Frippery

I’ve got a new poem out–Pasiphae’s Machine over at the spanking new web magazine Heliotrope, here. And it’s a scifi poem! Wonders never cease! Incidentally, this is one of the nicest webzines I’ve ever seen, and I hope they transition to print at some point–fabulous venue with high production values. Go look!

So the problem with talking to me about SF is that when I got to write material for the Arthurian book, I have SF on the brain. And I make steampunk Turing machine knights. Is that right, I ask you? You guys are a terrible influence.

Also? I finished Shriek: An Afterword last night. Oh, boy. It’s heartbreaking and precise and beautiful and Vandermeer at the top of his game. Ambergris is the best “world” out there right now as far as I’m concerned, and this book is a devastating and human chapter in it. Other than Tonguecat, which is weird enough to be in a league all its own, I haven’t read a better book all year. It makes me want to write, and that’s a vrey real way to measure a book for me.

Today I work. Tomorrow I go home to fix up the house for my husband, who is on his way home from The Bad Place, finally. Sometime I sleep.

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