Friday Feels Like Monday

So now I don’t get to sleep for awhile.

I’m on the radio at 5 am (99.5 WBAI, if you missed the post, Hour of the Wolf, and yes, it streams) with a quarter to four studio call, and a dinner with some truly marvelous people beforehand. So no sleep for a cat.

Also a troublesome Manticore on my plate. It was  a very Buffy moment around here last night, with rosefox and sinboy running around, pulling big, thick books of mythical creatures off the shelf, saying “The Manticore’s in this one, I know it!” “What does it say in that one?” “Do you know where it lives?”

So the historical problem of Manticores was slain like a vampire, and I’m just left trying to figure out what her voice is like.

Anyway. I have a favor to ask…

If you posted anything about The Orphan’s Tales on your blog recently, and I know a lot of you have, because you’re awesome like that, and you don’t work for a review outlet, would you mind cross-posting your review to Amazon or Barnes and Noble in time for the thrilling holiday shopping season? I have infinite hugs for those who do.

I’m a little down in the dumps today, as the kids said twenty years ago, but I’m trying to channel a firece lion-type beastie, so hopefully my mood will improve by dinner.

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