Frabjous Day!

I found my tail!

The Orphan’s Tales got its first real, live review in Kirkus today, or rather, it got it earlier I and I got to read it today. I was a little scared to know Kirkus was going to have at it, as they have a bit of a reputation for being cranky, and I’ve never been reviewed by them before.

But it’s a starred review! Is there some kind of official Starred Review in Kirkus dance? Because I want to do it!

Now, I’m going to reprint it, but they reveal a major spoiler in the review, so I’m going to ellide the part where they give away the Big Plot Point. But here it is:

The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden: A tale of magic, revenge, and family. Valente’s publisher compares this book to Arabian Nights, and that comparison is hardly hyperbole. An exotic and unnamed young lady with tattoos around her eyelids has been exiled to the garden of a palace, existing on the scraps and fruits left to her by the rest of the court, who shun her for her mysteriousness. But one unnamed boy is brave enough to talk to her, and she begins to tell him a fairy tale about a young Prince who kills a goose. Only the day is finished before the tale is done, and the unnamed boy must return to hear the rest of the tale. From this story emerges another, and then another…as time progresses, the young boy risks the antipathy of the court to continue listening to this interweaving story of magic, adventure, quests and murders, handed down through generations of women. A work of beautifully relayed, interlinked fairy tales.

All I can say is variations on: “Golly!”

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