Frabjous Day

So this weekend I had a fabulous birthday party with absolutely no sobriety involved, yesterday I planted strawberries, and today I am waiting for the Plain Dealer photographer to come and take my picture for the paper. Also, I apparently wrote a Notable Story of 2006 (Urchins, While Swimming).

My life, she does not suck.

Tomorrow I fly to California, where it is sunny and bright, and there I retrieve many old books and selves.

It is a quietly awesome day.

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85 Responses to Frabjous Day

  1. vrax says:

    You’re just rackin’ up them writering awards aren’t ya? That party was aweall. Not just awesome.

  2. alankria says:

    I’m not surprised at the story making it onto that list. It’s one of the best short stories I’ve read.

  3. khiron1416 says:

    Glad you had a festive birthday, sad that I missed a lot of it due to being in the kitchen or being insensate.

  4. roykay says:

    One more Barbaric Yawp de Yawp.

    Glad things are going very well.


  5. tithenai says:

    I really love that story. I’m glad it got a Notable mention! Here’s to seeing it in a Year’s Best, because it really deserves it. *glassclink*

  6. Safe travels! (Altho, by now, you have probably already reached CA.) I’m sorry my prezzie missed you, but hopefully it will be a nice treat when you return!

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