Shockingly, a review went up today of some of my work.

Ok, not that shocking.

Except that it’s of Music of a Proto-Suicide,
the tiny chapbook which came out almost two years ago now and has been
massively eclipsed by the thousand and one other things that followed
quickly on its heels. Little MOAPS! I couldn’t get that mother reviewed
for love nor money at the time, and god knows where these folks got
their hands on a copy. (Don’t ask, because you can’t get one at all
these days, unless you make some sort of nefarious deal with me to get
one of my own copies.) But you can go on over read what they had to say
about it.

It’s worth noting even though “Music of a Proto-Suicide”
was only the beginning, a gestational stage in an alchemical
process…what makes it interesting is that no one is doing, or perhaps
is able to do, anything like it.

I do feel a bit, especially wrt
to the comment about the production values of the chapbook, like waving
my arms and saying newt-wise, “I got better!” with a bit of blushing for the
less-than-stellar beginning, but allow me to answer their question: Apocrypha does contain the best of that chapbook, and quite a lot more. And it’s pretty and shiny in a way MOAPS was definitely not. Hopefully I’m blooming and booming as best as can be expected.

I’m kind of proud that my redheaded stepchild got a little pat on the
head. Its big brothers and sisters usually stomp all over it, but it is
still special, to me.

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