Find the Wyverary

A marvelous thing is happening!

It is a Fairyland easter egg hunt!

Essentially, I wrote a little Fairyland story and then broke it up and hid it all over the internet on the websites of the bookstores and events I’ll be visiting in the next month. To read it, just follow the links!

Start here, at the MacKids page for Fairyland, where you can also find a bestiary,   music, and illustrations. Scroll down to the "Nine Lessons" link beneath the big book cover. Click it, and you’re off!

The full title? Nine Lessons from a Wyverary Governess.

Not all the pieces are up yet, but they all stand alone. More will appear over the next two weeks.

So soon! Less than two weeks!

More Fairyland fiction is coming before the book releases too–keep an eye open.

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