So to crown this week, my Stickies program ate itself after working flawlessly for two years and erased every note I had on deadlines, ideas, research for the current novel, sales records for the year, everything.

Fantastic, as the Doctor would say.

I had my Writing queue and 2006 sales backed up to my Treo, so the technical stuff is still there, albeit slightly out of date. The notes, however, are gone. I had been keeping my brain there. Worse, I know of no easier program to jot things down without creating a whole wiki just to remember that the guys with the long ears are called panotii.

I’m remarkably calm, considering. I wrote down everything I could remember in a word file and am going out today  to see if I can locate a suitable paper notebook big enough for approximately One Brain. Of course, I suppose I could lose that, but it feels safer right now, when I can open a program and find that it has just reset itself to default [blank] settings for no reason. At least I am the master of my fate when it comes to a notebook. On the other hand, I have never been able to reliably keep a paper notebook–hence the six years of blogging. This will certainly be an experiment.

Next week, I’m looking at you. You had better be a damn sight more liveable than this week, or I will find some way to throttle you. It can happen.

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