Every Day Is Like Sunday

First day out from novel and I am sick as ye olde dogge. Fuck. And very little comfort-sick materials in the house, beyond fabulous Star Trek. I am impressed with my body’s precision, though–only an hour after finishing I started to feel sick. I’ve pushed myself so hard the last few weeks that I’m not surprised, just irritated. But well done, sack of bones, you held off just long enough.

Today I begin to return long negelected emails and start updating the site with justbeast, both my author site and the Orphan’s Tales site. If there’s anything you guys want to see up there, let me know. Also I turn in my manuscript. Fingers crossed it’s not too bad.

Something seems to be going on with my MySpace page which I do not really use. I’m getting tons of add requests all of the sudden. Maybe I should make an attempt to pretty up the page, put an SJ song on it. But I’m not really sure how. Too dumb for Myspace, that’s me.

So I’m laid up in bed and doing stupid admin tricks all day. I’m not even sure how to function without worrying about wordcount and deadline anymore. Ever since I moved to Cleveland the book has been hanging over my head–this is literally my first day in Ohio without it. I’ve promised myself little treats over the last year–a trip with


to the Velvet Tango Room, a

necklace that looks like a little gold book, a buffalo wing and beer fest. I’m going to try not to renege on these things as I often do when it’s something to reward myself. Delany always says start the next book right away, so if I don’t get to that today, I’ll get to it tomorrow.

I’m trying to retrieve my brain. I need to get out of town on not-business, even for a weekend. The last six months have been without a doubt the most intense of my 27 years, and I don’t quite know how to fix myself afterwards–obviously I’m not just talking book here. There is fixing to be done. Time to embrace the world again.

And time to embrace lunch, and further adventures in Star Trek.

One last thing before I hit the spellchecker and the email backlog–there is apparently a Realms of Fantasy review of The Orphan’s Tales out. I don’t know where to get the magazine in Cleveland and their site is way behind. Anyone out there get it or have access to it who would be willing to scan in or type out the review for me? I’d owe you a lollipop…

Mmmm. Lollipop.

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