So, you may have noticed my total lack of updating, despite update worthy events like the Shriek reading. The reason for this is that the Virginia late summer has basically attacked me and left me with mauled lungs and gouged eyes. My allergies have been so severe that I have hardly been able to move, despite a bevy of medications. I can safely say that it has never been so bad in my long dalliance with allergies. I have not had the energy to work, or cook, or speak, really, and certainly not to update LJ. I have barely been able to read it. The nasal allergies trigger asthma attacks, and breathing has been a daily battle. I cannot sleep in my bedroom at all, since something about that converted attic sets me off immediately, so I’ve been wheezing on a couch for two weeks. The only times I have been anything but sub-human has been when I’ve left the state and drugged myself heavily (this is how I got through the Shriek event), and the minute I cross the Chesapeake bridge, I start choking and coughing again.

So. much. fun. And impossible to explain to those who have never suffered allergies, or even to those who have occasional hay fever: all year long. Like the worst flu, except you know you’re not going to get any better. And the drugs make you stupid and befuddled. Hurricane Ernesto has not improved conditions in my nose.

Therefore, I made a command decision, looking at my total lack of ability to function and my long list of deadlines. I have betook myself to Cleveland, where, miraculously, I do not have any allergies at all and need no medication of any kind, for two weeks in order to take a huge bite out of, if not finish, the third book of The Orphan’s Tales. I am currently covered in cats (one cat blissfully on my lap, another glaring balefully at the first, willing her to move so she can get some lap time. The third cat is nowhere to be seen, because he hates me. But you can’t win them all) and allergy-free.

Thus, hopefully, I will be able, between chapters, to post about the many things which have flitted through my congested head over the last few weeks before returning to Virginia and further excitement with inhalers and non-non-drowsy medication.

I may or may not post progress here. But progress will be made. Thank god for good friends with spare bedrooms.

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