It has come to my attention, through various means both quotidian and very far from it, that I may have been somewhat stoic in my relationships lately, especially my online correspondences. That I may have been cool and brusque where I did not mean to be, and harried to the point of not giving my loved ones who dwell in the ether, and maybe a few in the much overvalued real world, the attention I once did. That probably includes this blog. I was once a vivacious girl with many warm words for everyone–but I think I have let that slide.

I can only plead life, and stress, and worry, and work. And that I tend to let worry and stress drown out work and life. I need to find a way to live now that does not make me alternately burrow and burn.

But I love you, O ye who live not here, and I will try not to be such a wintry old beast now that the sun has come back.

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