Country Rube Gawks At SkyScrapers! News at 11!

More about the TOTALLY AWESOME Shriek event when I get home and have time for a full update. Suffice it to say the chick with the lizard tail was hot.

Today I am heading into the big, scary city to meet with my agent and editor, but afterwards, I have some free time before loose dinner plans–which other folks are free to drop in on–anyone want to shepherd a lost little lamb around said big scary city?

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  1. murnkay says:

    I have to get to work around 6:30AM on Tues so I’m gonna end up not seeing you this trip. I’m sorry.

    But I also have bussiness to talk to you about, so when yer home we’ll catch up.

  2. ethereal_lad says:

    It was great seeing you again! I was partial to the lobster girl.

  3. Anonymous says:



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