Connecting In These Strange Times

The world is a very much different place than it was a month ago. We are all trying to adapt and survive. For writers, we face a volatile industry that is sure to contract, all the uncertainty that usually accompanies freelancer life multiplied several times, and the cancellation of almost all our public events, great and small, for the next year at least.

I am trying to find ways to connect with my readers while we’re all stuck at home. My Patreon is very active, and all are welcome there. Via Patreon, I do YouTube livestreams as well. I am obviously always accessible on Twitter, and I’m trying to be more active on Instagram, despite being more of a word-girl than a photo-girl. And I’ve recently signed up for Cameo, where I can make short videos for you and your loved ones for happy days and sad ones.

Please come and find me in these places. Now is the time of cliches, but finding each other online has always been a particular talent of the geek world, and I know we can do it now as we have done for the last couple of decades. I don’t know what the world will look like when this is all over, but I know we will be in it, and I hope that we will perhaps be closer.

See you in the cyberpunk dystopia.

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