CMV reading at Fantastic Fiction at KGB next week!

If you’re in New York City or will be next week, look sharp: CMV and Christopher Barzak will be reading at Fantastic Fiction at KGB next Wednesday!

The event starts at 7PM at the KGB Bar: see Fantastic Fiction at KGB’s website for further details.

Nothing’s finalized, but we’ve heard that CMV may very well be reading from her forthcoming novel Radiant! (Title also not finalized.) This is her next publication for adults, scheduled to be published by Tor in 2014, and is inspired by her short story “The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew.”

You know you want a sneak preview of the novel CMV once described as:

A sprawling epic about love, fame, film-making, and the search for identity and authenticity in a densely populated solar system full of planets as seen through the lens of classic pulp SF: waterworlds, ice planets, and jungle moons. Imagine The Artist with giant Venusian tentacle whales.

So don’t miss out! Next Wednesday, September 18th, 7PM, KGB bar. If you’re in NYC, be there.

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