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We’re going to try something new today! I’m giving away a copy of someone else’s book–Martha Wells’ The Cloud Roads, a novel about an orphaned shapeshifter looking for a place to belong. Starred review from PW and a smashing cover. … Continue reading

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I am going to tell you about something secret. When I was in fifth grade, my teacher was Mr. Danielson. He was a known trickster-imp among the teachers in my school. The kids with behavioral problems didn’t often end up … Continue reading

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Would you say you knew a lot of people who wanted to take over the world when you were young? Because I knew a lot. At least five, two of which had serious plans for doing so. I cannot tell if this … Continue reading

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Hullo everyone! It is the Touring Cat radiobleeping from the road. I am looking for performers for my West Coast Fairyland Tour–which totes needs a rock tour name. If you are: a musician a dancer (but this is YA so no … Continue reading

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And the Deathless prize drawing winners are… First prize… ! Grand Prize… ! Yay! Contact me with your addresses, guys! And for everyone else, thank you for boosting the signal, and we’ll have lots more giveaways around here in the future.

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