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The other night we went to see Midnight in Paris. Not because I’m a Woody Allen fan (I love two of his movies, Purple Rose of Cairo and Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy, both of which, not coincidentally, share themes with … Continue reading

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I am finally home from the tour, extended convention appearances, and bookbooking that has made up my last four months or so. Everyone else is at ComicCon, but I am home. And of course, last night, my first real night back in … Continue reading

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Things from me today! Brand. New. Short Story! The Wolves of Brooklyn is up at Fantasy Magazine (along with an author spotlight). I wrote this back during the blizzardy winter, and it comes to you in broiling summer. Such is … Continue reading

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I’ve just gotten the final cover for The Folded World, the sequel to The Habitation of the Blessed! It’s available for pre-order on Amazon, and of course you should check out Habitation before it comes out on November 15! Also, … Continue reading

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Full text of my Mythcon 42 Guest of Honor lecture. (It’s long, hang in there.) As a child, I did my very best impression of Persephone–I spent summers with my mother in California, and winters with my father in Seattle. … Continue reading

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