Cat Valente at MarsCon

Cat Valente is attending MarsCon this weekend as a Guest of Honor alongside Seanan McGuire. If you are also planning on attending MarsCon – or live within driving distance of Williamsburg, VA and now want to go – here’s where you can expect to find Cat during the con.

9 PM • Room L • Fairies Kidnap Children and Other Common Beliefs
S.A. Hunter (Mod), Meredith Dillman, H.J. Harding, Monica Marier, Catherynne Valente
Exactly what the title says; panelists will discuss the general beliefs surrounding fairies.

12 PM • Room 6 • Tis the Season for Krampus and Other Darker Fairy Tales
Lilith Lore (Mod), Alex Matsuo, Madame Onça, Catherynne Valente
It’s still winter, which means it’s still the darkest time of the year, when Krampus and other darker stories rear their heads to delight and scare our hearts and minds.

1 PM • Large Auditorium • Conversations with Seanan and Cat
Seanan McGuire, Catherynne Valente
Our Guests of Honor will take questions posed to each other and directly from the audience. Come meet them!

2 PM • Large Auditorium • Guests of Honor Book Signings
Seanan McGuire, Catherynne Valente
Bring your books to have signed by the author Guests of Honor!

6 PM • Room 6 • Catherynne Valente Reading
Catherynne Valente

11 AM • Room 7 • Seelie and Unseelie
Tera Fulbright (Mod), Noblesse Oblige Cosplay, Monica Marier, Catherynne Valente
What makes the Seelie and Unseelie so mysterious, and what are their similarities and differences?

Will you be at MarsCon 2019? Be sure to attend one of Cat’s events and say hi to her and the Wilde Childe!

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