Call for Circus Friends

Hullo everyone! It is the Touring Cat radiobleeping from the road.

I am looking for performers for my West Coast Fairyland Tour–which totes needs a rock tour name. If you are:

a musician
a dancer (but this is YA so no burlesque this time)
an actor
a performance artist
a puppeteer
an anything performance oriented (anything but writing, since I’m on book for these shows)
an artist who can ply their craft whilst readings go on and raffle off the finished product at the end of the event

and are interested in hanging out with me and Putting on a Show 80s style, while understanding I can pay you from the tip jar and from the buying you dinner and from linking to your anything you like, and being SUPER GRATEFUL and performing for you to support your projects in the future, and are available during May in:

Los Angeles (May 10-12)
San Francisco (May 13-17th)
Portland, OR (May 17th-20th)
(We’re cool for Seattle unless you really, really want to)

Please let me know! 

Tonight I’m speaking to the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society about Russian fairy tales and the writing life, tomorrow is Collegeville Towne Center reading at 2pm. Then home! Blessed home!

Then Chicago a day later. But in Chicago I get an early birthday party! So I am excite. (My birthday is May 5, but lo, long ago the universe said Cat, May will be your busiest month forever and all your friends will also be born in May so you will take your birthdays when you can get them I have spoken.)

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