Bow, Scrape, Hide

The extent to which I am honored to be in this book can’t be overstated–some of the authors listed right alongside my little name are my heroes. Peter Beagle, almost certainly unknowingly, set me on the path I’m forking now. He spoke to my writing class in high school, and very briefly I was in a local writers’ group with him. I doubt he remembers me in the tiniest degree, but I remember him, and I remember what he said (especially the part about never letting writing be your main source of income) and I can’t hardly believe I’m in an anthology with him twelve years hence. Which doesn’t even begin to address Greer Gilman, who, should I ever meet her, I will likely be too terrified and fan-awed to speak. Those are two.

Salon Fantastique, autumn 2006, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

The TOC:

La Fée Verte                             Delia Sherman
Dust Devil on a Quiet Street        Richard Bowes
To Measure the Earth                 Jedediah Berry
A Grey and Soundless Tide        Catherynne M. Valente
Concealment Shoes                   Marly Youmans
The Guardian of the Egg             Christopher Barzak
My Travels With Al-Qaeda          Lavie Tidhar
Chandail                                    Peter Beagle
Down the Wall                           Greer Gilman
Femaville 29                              Paul Di Filippo
Town                          Gregory Maguire
Yours, Etc.                                Gavin Grant
The Mask of ’67                         David Prill
The Night Whiskey                     Jeffrey Ford
The Lepidopterist                       Lucius Shepard

(Check out that last one, shellefly!)

Gulp, and gulp again. This is going to be an amazing book.

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