Boston et alia

Am safely ensconsced in New York with rosefox  and sinboy  and their charming cats. Am getting piles of work done and am therefore happy, because deadlines, while necessary and good, occasionally give me hives.

The reading at Pandemonium went over very well, though some folk I hoped would make it had to decline. But I finally got to meet the inimitable, accept no substitutes ,shadesong, yendi, and Elayna. They are charming and full of life and I want to see them again as soon as possible. I never get to spend more than a day in Boston, but I really love it there and would like to spend, like, two days there at some point.

Elayna made for the best part of the night for me (excepting s00j singing her new song Neptune, which is so dear to me it makes me cry) as she was amenable to reading part of the book out loud.

I have always tried to get other people to read bits of The Orphan’s Tales at readings–with all the different voices, it makes it very special. Few acquiesce, but not only did Elayna portray the girl in the garden wonderfully, and not only was it fantastic to hear that bit in an actual kid’s voice, but she volunteered to have her eyes made up with black greasepencil, and…well. See icon.

The full photo is under the cut, taken with my new Treo, and therefore not the highest quality thing ever taken, but you get the idea. I wish I could take her to all my readings!

Fortunately I get more s00j  time when I return to Cleveland, before we head up to Ann Arbor for the shows of next weekend. All Michiganites ought to come. Most exciting of all for me is that Diane Wakoski is coming to the second show, which means I get to meet her, which means I will probably make a fool of myself. But she is so much the poet-mother of my mind.

So. Also. I wake up this morning to a fine review of OT in SFRevu and woke yesterday to zoethe’s glowing review on her journal–it is a good week for the book. It is also the semester of Academia for me, as The Ice Puzzle is being taught at UPenn and The Orphan’s Tales are being taught at DePaul. I feel so incredibly honored by that, having been once upon a time one of those hapless students. IP subscriptions could not have come at a better time, too.

I am tired but preservering. Onwards and upwards.

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