Book Eve

Have arrived in New York after a hellish drive–an overturned chemical truck on I-80 kept us detained until long after our intended show was over. We were deeply sad, but are soldiering on.

gave us beer and tea and we are better now.

The launch party in Cleveland went amazingly–the album

did for The Orphan’s Tales is just gobsmacking. It is absolutely unique, sui generis. The pirate song she wrote for my erstwhile crew is so catchy and fantastic that the whole room was singing along by the end.  Mac’s Backs’ SFF manager took the book home the night before and read it, and then proceeded to give an introduction about the power of fairy tales and my book particularly which was so moving and heartfelt it was a real battle not to cry before I even got up onstage. There were no real mishaps, despite sound checks in another building bleeding through the walls, and many copies were disseminated.

My mother and uncle flew out, and the room was full of so many friends and family and love–I can’t think of a better way to move this book into the world. All my other books have been born while I was by myself, in the dark–but this one is so surrounded by light. Thank you to everyone who midwifed this little Halloween baby.

The NYC release is tomorrow, and we are recovering today. I am getting interview questions finished for opening week. I’ll get everyone their Podcast lines after I return from World Fantasy.

The book comes out tomorrow. My metaphorical breath is held, my heart is metaphorically in my throat, because actually being in my throat would be weird and painful. Please don’t tank, the not-actually-located-in-throat heart whispers. I’m in that still little moment where the book is all Schrodingered, both a success and a failure at once, because it is not yet either. I am nervous.

Soldiering on.

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